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Nice Time

One thing about Southwark Pensioners: they do know how to have a good time.  The Party in the Park on Friday 25 July was a great example.

On Friday morning in the space of a couple of hours a marquee appeared on Camberwell Green, complete with a bar, tables covered with gleaming white cloths and chairs for 200 people.  As the first guests arrived, the sound of Eric Quilliam’s accordion rang out and people did the Lambeth Walk as they found their tables and filled their glasses.  Eric played a repertoire of favourite old songs and then handed over to Bill an’ Ricky (gedddit?) who sang and played a wonderful range of cockney favourites.  People sang along and the dancing started.  Everybody was given pie and mash with liquor, supplied by Arments in Westmoreland Road.  By now the addition of Vicky Naish’s famous Pims meant the drink was flowing ever faster.

Then everybody’s favourite group, Grand Prairie with Jenny and Rob, took over and launched into the 50s and 60s songs we all love so much; the singing got louder and the dancing became quite frenetic.



But maybe somebody up there does not like us after all.  The lights went out – literally.  It did not really matter about the illumination, we were then in broad sunlight, but the power cut meant there was no amplification for the band.  They played on regard;ess, changing their act to accommodate to the difficulties but it could never be the same.  Still everyone was determined to enjoy themselves and they danced on even when the rain began hammering down on the roof.



There were (short) speeches from Harriet Harman, the Mayor of Southwark and the Pearly King.  The raffle was drawn by one of the Police Constables.  Later, everybody went home happy.  What a great afternoon it was!

Thanks are due to Tesco who gave us a generous grant, to the staff of the marquee company
 who supplied, installed and dismantled the marquee, to SPC staff who worked tirelessly all day, and to SPC trustees especially the Chair Dora Dixon-Fyle whose commitment and imagination once again made sure that everybody had a great day.

When’s the next party?







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