We are recruiting volunteer stewards to help and in particular to be on hand when the exhibition is open 1.30 to 5.30 on Saturdays in October and a few week days.  if anyone would like to help please get in touch with Chris Henry.

Almost one hundred years ago, on October 19 1917, a Zeppelin bomb landed in Calmington Road, Southwark. It killed 10 people, injured 24 and demolished a fish and chip shop, doctor’s surgery and houses. The Friends of Burgess Park project Zeppelin 1917 will uncover the stories of local heroes, and piece together the dramatic raid right over what is now Burgess Park.

See below for all links to all the eventbrite  pages for various events-

7 Oct Ian Castle Talk zeppelin expert


14 Oct Stephen Bourne Talk Black Poppies


14 Oct 1917 Knees Up  music and quiz


21 Oct The Raid animated walk


21 Oct scratch theatre on hidden heroes




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