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Management Committee

SPC is governed by a Management Committee, made up of officers and trustees (the majority of whom are users and members). The Committee has a role of overseeing all aspects of the Centre. It meets approximately every eight weeks. The Agenda is drawn up by the Centre Director in conjunction with the Chair.

The Management Committee delegates tasks to certain staff and Committee members, and to four Sub-Committees who report items of importance. The Management Committee in return comment, give guidance and approve key decisions.

Co-options of non-elected representatives is possible to the Management Committee and/or the Sub-Committees


The Sub-Committees are appointed, as are the Committee Officers, at the first Committee meeting each year.  Committee Members are encouraged to serve on one (or more) Sub-Committee(s). The servicing of the Sub-Committees is managed by staff, but the chairing of the Sub-Committees and Committee is carried out by an elected member. The Sub-Committees are as follows:

Finance Sub-Committee
This meets 2-3 times a year to carry out detailed financial review and planning.  It decides the year’s budget, reviews spending, sets charges, and monitors the reserves position.

Building Sub-Committee
This Sub-Committee oversees building repairs and improvements, maintenance of building and equipment.  It meets quarterly.

Staffing Sub-Committee
This is responsible for all staffing matters—recruitment and selection, any disciplinary or grievance matters, and reviewing staff’s terms and conditions.  It is only particularly busy when a post becomes vacant, meeting probably four or five times over a three month-period.  Most day-to-day staffing matters, booking holidays, claiming fares are delegated to the Centre Director, who in turn reports directly to a member of the Staffing Sub-Committee.

Apart from these (rare) busy periods—the Sub-Committee has the task of monitoring the job-satisfaction of staff, and updating the job descriptions.

This Sub-Committee has the (interesting) task of looking at new ideas for the Centre’s work and assessing their viability.  At the same time, it has to take account of the Centre’s capacity to take on new activities. (This sub-committee also takes responsibility for the One In Five Newsletter; suggesting themes and evaluating its success.)

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, read more here.

 You can read our most recent annual report on the Charity Commission website.

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