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The Herbert Project

Do you care for someone who has Dementia and worry that they might go missing? The Herbert Protocol is here to help find them if they do.  Click here to see a leaflet.

Nothing is more worrying or distressing than when a loved one or friend goes missing or doesn’t return home when expected. For people living with or caring for someone with Dementia, this may be quite common. The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme adopted by police services across the country.

It encourages carers, families, friends or neighbours, to hold information about the person with Dementia that can help the police find them if they do go missing.

The basis of the scheme is for vital information about the person such as medication,
description, photograph, significant places in the person’s life and their daily routine,
to be recorded on a form.

The form should then be stored safely – either in electronic format on a computer,
or a printed version. It may need to be located quickly, at any time of day or night,
by the person who needs the information to begin the initial searches.

When the form is complete, it will contain confidential information about a person
so it should be stored securely. Any partner agency required to complete the form
will become the data controllers and must store it appropriately.

The form can be downloaded here or you can pick one up from your local police station.
The police will only ask for the form, or the information in the form, if the person
is reported missing.

The information will help the police and other agencies locate the missing person as quickly as possible and return them to safety.

Frequently asked questions

When should I complete the form?
As soon as possible.

What should I do with the form when it is complete?
Please keep it in a safe but prominent position where you can find it quickly.
The police will only ask for it if the person it refers to has been reported missing.

What should I do if my relative or friend goes missing?
Call 999 and ask for the police – have your Herbert Protocol form to hand.

I don’t understand some of the terms on the form – what should I do?
Don’t worry, just complete as much as you can.

What will the police do with the information?
We will use the information to help find the missing person. It will be stored securely
and only shared with other agencies if there is a need to safeguard someone.