SPC Board of Trustees:

Cllr Charlie Smith

Mayor of Southwark and Chair of Southwark Pensioners. Charlie leads on steering the trustees, guiding the Director and the accommodation group.

Colin Hunte

Vice Chair of Southwark Pensioners CentreColin leads on equality and diversity, dementia, community development and staffing.

Tom White

Tom leads on campaigning, political liaison and mental health.

Althea Smith

Althea leads on health and wellbeing and safer communities

Anthony Squires

Tony leads on health and safety, community fundraising, marketing and social media, part of the accommodation group.

Barbara Garrett

Barbara leads on events, part of the accommodation group and makes a further contribution as a reception volunteer.

Linda Edwards

Linda is part of the accommodation group.

Caroline Obinyan

Linda is part of the accommodation group.

SPC Staff:



Brenda Bewick, Elaine Delaney, Barbara Garrett and Rex McConochie

Member Support:

Elaine Delaney

Activities Volunteer:

Elaine Delaney