Getting and Staying Online

We will promote and develop digital inclusion among older people by supporting them to get online and safely use computers and other devices and by offering a range of ways for members to connect to activities and services by run by Southwark Pensioners Centre.

1 to 1 Computer Sessions

One to one sessions can be booked by appointment on Monday and Wednesday (9:30 am / 10:30 am / 11:30 am) for basic IT skills. Only £1 hourly session.

Afternoon Computer Club

Up to four people at a time can be booked by appointment (020 7708 4556) for the use of our PCs, your laptops, tablets or smartphones over our free wi-fi. 1.30pm to 2.50pm or 3.00pm to 4.30pm. Staff assistance available. Only £1.

Digital Champions

A Digital Champion is someone who helps others to understand the benefits of being online and can spend some time showing them how. We welcome volunteers to help with our computer club session.
Contact Denzil on 020 7708 4556 for further information.