Presentations about local places of interest, at the Centre 2- 4pm. Every other Tuesday, (when the Eye-To-Eye Visually Impaired Group is not on). Also occasional guided London walks and tours. Tea and biscuits are served. £2.



Talks at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays 10 April to 3 July 2018

10th April  “Camden Town: Dreams of Another London”                                     

                            Tom Bolton, Researcher and Author of above book  

24th April   “A Brief Illustrated History of London Bridge”

                         Jennie Howells, Historian          

8th May          ‘The Women & Work exhibition: life in a Bermondsey metal                                     box factory in the 1970s”

                           (Leave 2pm from SPC for 2.30pm at South London Gallery)

Lucy Inglis, Archivist and Records Manager, South London Gallery

22nd May          “Bermondsey 1911: Ten Days that shook the World”

                              Bob Reeves, Researcher of 19th-20th century history

  5th June            Women artists from Southwark up to the 20th century”

                               Judy Aitken, Curator of the Cuming Museum

 19th June           A Walk in the Parks of Bermondsey led by;

                               Jennie Howells, Historian and expert on Bermondsey

3rd July               The Angel’s Voice, a magazine for Brixton young men 1910-                                   1913”

Dr Alan Argent, Minister of Trinity Congregational Chapel, Brixton 1977 – Present