Creative Age: Art

A lot of what we offer here at Southwark Pensioners Centre will allow you to be express yourself in new, unique ways and keep learning by trying new things and making new friends. The section below contains specific activities that we have termed creative. Do come and try them out.

Art Group

The Monday Art Group uses of a range of painting and drawing techniques.
Monday 10.00am to 11.30am. Please contact Jason at 020 7708 4556 or email:

Creative Tuesdays

Fun and relaxing from 10.00am to 11.30pm, these friendly sessions will teach you a variety of craftworks you can take home. Led by Lucie. £3 per session.

Creative Age: Music

Music is wonderful for firing up and engaging your brain, tapping into emotions and memories, bringing joy and pleasure and a sense of control over life. We believe that you will love singing with the choir and playing the recorder, taking part in our music and reminiscence sessions or dancing in a disco!

The Welcome Singers

Come fill your lungs in good company and enjoy learning new music with our talented choir director, Sue. at the Centre from Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm. Register your membership with Jason / Cathy (020 7708 4556).

Camberwell Recorder Players

Led by tutor, Grace, the Camberwell Recorder Players play at immediate level (mostly renaissance, baroque and occasional jazz). Please contact Secretary, or SPC.