What We Do

To support older people

Customer care, equal opportunities and diversity

We want people to feel welcome whenever they come into the centre or contact us by phone, email or social media and to receive good quality customer care that meets their needs.


We want members to find real value in becoming and remaining members of SPC. We will improve our membership offer by making it more attractive to be or to remain an individual or affiliated group member of the centre. We want to grow our membership base both in terms of overall numbers and our geographic spread throughout the borough

50+ Advice

Southwark Pensioners Centre offers free, good quality information, advice and guidance to Southwark residents aged 50 and over. Our service is designed to support the 50 plus to solve a wide range of problems and increase their income. We offer help with welfare benefits, debt, housing, consumer issues, transport and energy costs.

Health and Wellbeing 

We will continue to actively promote the health and wellbeing of older people so that they enjoy healthy, independent, active, in touch and fulfilling lives through activities, holidays, day trips, health promotion events and member support.

We seek to prevent or reduce deterioration in the mental health and wellbeing of older people.

Getting and Staying Online

We will promote and develop digital inclusion among older people by supporting them to learn how to get online and safely use computers and other devices and by offering a range of ways for members to connect to activities and services run by SPC.

Consultation and Campaigning

We will continue to promote a clear voice for older people in Southwark by supporting the Southwark Pensioners Action Group who campaign on pensions, housing, health and social care, and by facilitating Southwark Pensioners Forums where consultation and engagement on any topic that affects older people takes place.

Reaching Out 

We will reach out to older people through existing smaller community groups and strengthen networks and with volunteers provide Benefit

MOTs, Energy MOTs, Winter Warmers, Techy Teas and health and wellbeing activities at local level

To be an effective and well run charity 


Trustees will continue to ensure that Southwark Pensioners Centre is well governed and that the systems and processes are in place to ensure its overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability.


We will continue to work with other partners to support older people and will use the Reach Out programme to both develop those partnerships and widen our impact.


We work with, develop and support our trustees, staff and volunteers to be proactive, positive and to do their best for older people in Southwark to help them meet their individual needs and aspirations


We are financially prudent, carefully using funds raised to offer free or low cost, accessible services and activities.

The fundraising plan will seek to achieve more balanced sources of income to manage the risk that this dependence poses to members and users.