Ways to donate

There are lots of ways you can donate to support our work. Irrespective how much you donate, each donation will make a lasting impression on the wonderful and diverse activities we offer. Have a look at the options below options to see what’s right for you!


Quick and easy! With this option you’re only a few clicks away from donating. Your donation will reach us instantly and immediately contribute to improving the lives thousands of older people in Southwark.

A regular donation

A small act of charity performed regularly is better than a single act of kindness. Why not make a regular contribution and meet the staff and SPC members and see your donation in action? To find out more, contact the Centre on 0207 708 4556 or email:


Other ways to donate

There are lots of other ways you can donate to us: you can donate over the phone, donate in memory, or donate your time. To find out more contact the centre on 020 7798 4556 or email: