Southwark Pensioners’ Action Group (SPAG) Meeting Online using Zoom

10.15am start until 12.30pm

5th February: Adult Social Care with Helen Dennis and Genette Laws

5th March: Harps Aujla and Janine Rowe will discuss the New Southwark Plan and the Old Kent Road Action Plan.

9th April: New Southwark Plan follow up
7th May: Housing follow up

All are welcome

Dear SPAG members
On behalf of SPAG, I am inviting you to an online meeting.

Following the success of the first one, SPAG are holding further virtual meetings and the software is called Zoom.

We are allowing the first half hour of the meeting to sort out any problems in joining in. Please don’t try and get in till then as the meeting will not be open and you will sit in a virtual waiting room for a long time!

Please contact Southwark Pensioners Centre for more details about how you can take part in the SPAG meetings. Phone 02077084556 or email:

Using Zoom
We have allowed the first fifteen minutes to sort out any issues getting on Zoom. A few minutes before 10.15am, you must click on the link in the invitation next to or immediately underneath where it says ‘Join the Meeting’.
You will be asked to sign in your name and email address. This is because the session is going to be on the Southwark Pensioners’ Centre Zoom account which has this additional layer of security. After signing in, you will receive a message that will say something like:-
‘Do you want to allow this page to open ”” followed by Cancel/Allow” or
‘This action will make an alteration to your device’ followed by ‘Cancel/Allow’
In both cases, click on the ‘Allow’ button.
Then another message will come up “Join with Video”. Click on that and you should join the meeting.
Check that both audio and video are switched on
You DON’T need to sign up to zoom as you are going to be a guest at a meeting. You only have to register if you’re going to host a meeting and Cathy will be the host.

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